UX Competitive Analysis

Know what the strength and weaknesses of your product in relation to your competition.

Our experts will bring out the positive aspects, improvement areas and guide your attention to imminent aspects

Create an Analysis

Build a study with tasks for users to perform.

Select your competition

 Users will perform tasks on your product and on your competition

Choose the profile of the participants

Invite our users which match with your exact target profile. Participants will access to your site or mobile app and your competition via Checkealos application to record voice and screen sharing.

Analyse Results

Obtain a full report with comparative insights linked to the video timing where the participants struggle,  comment, and react significantly to your web and the competition.

See how to create a competitive analysis in four easy steps


You can request direct end-user feedback on your website or application or product and your competition. Define all the tasks that the end-user needs to complete so you get the best feedback.


United Kingdom



Invite your own users or use our own panel.We match exact to your intended target audience from various countries. Find out more about our panel.

What do you get?



Anaylsis by our user experience specialists of each video.


User interacton with your software or application and your competition. Screen view and audio recorded.


Full analysis

Full analysis report with overall summary of competitor analysis, end-user behaviour, strengths and weaknesses.

Issue Marking

All issues marked as video clips with specific timings for easy rewatch.


Improve your custumer experience


Make it better than your competitors


Take advantage of the weaknesses of your competition


Test on any device


Learn from the strengths of the competition

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