Join us!

There various ways to work with Checkealos. We are always open to new recruits.

What is a Checkealos team?

We break the barriers between users and creators because we are not machines, we are people

Our Philosiphy

We want people to provide best-in-class user experience for their customers. With Checkealos, we aim to increase the success of projects at an affordable price, avoiding expensive labs or inefficient tools. This is what Checkealos is all about, providing a way to  to connect every single digital professional out of 20 Million WolrdWide with their target audience and break that barrier with their end user no matter the size.

Our Presence

We count on a community of testers, Spanish and English speaking with presence in USA, UK and India. Thanks to that we can help you discover how users of different markets behave on any product or digital service

Our User Experience Specialists

Our experts come from very diverse areas ranging from computer engineering and telecommunications, psychology and fine arts. All specializing in the field of user experience.

They have 8 + years of experience building great customer experiences working for companies such as Telefonica, Inditex Group, Tuenti, Capgemini, Groupon, Apple … among others.

International team

As a company we pride ourselves in being international. All of our offices are connected and work together

Customer Focus

We offer a service to our client 24/7 for their projects

Multidisciplinary team

With professional experts with years of experience in their sector we work together to form a strong link