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Participant Recruiting

Defining, finding and inviting representatives of your
target audience into your user research JUST IN ONE CLICK

On-demand customer feedback from real people, matching your criteria

Get customer research feedback from real people, you can access thousands of participants in more than 70 to collect actionable findings with a fast, accurate, and flexible mixed techniques analysis platform to understand what your customers think, how they behave and measure objectively your user experience impact and progress. Share your test with the panel and receive video feedback in hours and schedule One on One conversation with them.

Recruit our participants

Participant recruiting can be tough, access thousands of Checkealos participants in seconds

Recruit your own participants

Get High-Quality from your own audience If you have you have your own private panel or CRM list, and anyone you want to get feedback from. You can easily invite your users or customers to take part in studies with public links and Checkealos will manage incentives, support, etc

Unrestricted access to real people and more

Simplifies recruiting process, so you can focus on collecting feedback from the right people and research. Checkealos manages the participant data collection, study distribution, notifications, follow up, quality assurance, and incentive payments.

Manual Quality Assurance Control

Quality responses guaranteed

The right participants at your fingertips

Create the study and watch the responses roll in. You can expect to see studies filled in as little as 3 hours so you can start gathering insights in real-time.

Recruiting precision

Get even more granular​. Get specific with job titles, incomes, interests and combine complex target markets to mirror your customer personas. Checkealos team can help you recruit more specific participant profiles, and our professional services team can assist you with expert reporting and analysis

NDAs and data privacy
Participant device recruiting
Customized panel segmentation per industry consumer behaviour

Global Participant Panel

We count on a community of testers from more than 70 countries, segmented and focused especially on the markets from Spain, United Kingdom, USA and Latin America. Thanks to that we can help you discover how users of different markets behave on any product or digital service

Demographic and interests filters

Select by demographics and segment participants based on their age, gender, household income, geographic location, device type, brands which the participants are already customer.

Natural and honest feedback

Checkealos ensures each participant provides honest and natural feedback. They aren´t professional testers.

Confidential Ratings and Comments

Checkealos provide you with the options to rate a participant’s performance based on how helpful they were for your decision making.


Run studies on desktop, tablets, smartphones, smart TV, prototypes.

Advanced Screeners questions

Screeners are multiple choice questions that participants have to answer correctly before they’re able to accept your test.

Reuse Specified Participants

Add and remove test participants to and from saved panels in you dashboard.

Follow-up with participants

You can follow up with participants for more tailored questions after the test.


Share the project and findings with your team and other departments to help them improve the company with the UX Insights.