The UX of your product is your competitive advantage

Listen to your customers during the development stage using user testing for your products. Get insights that allow you to turn your user’s experience into a competitive advantage.

Checkealos testing from development to the final product

Checkealos helps you focus your development around the customer’s needs, reactions and behaviors. With the Checkealos products testing, you can observe your target customers interacting and thinking out loud in sample groups. You will view them interconnecting with low fidelity prototypes. Also, you will see them test environment software, and production environment software. We make it simple.

Understand the “why” behind the analytics data

  • Should you build a functionality feature?
  • Should you build group pages with a few set templates, or incorporate strategic UI patterns for consistency?
  • Should you use design guidelines to facilitate design reuse and discipline?
  • Should you start with minimal UX design and evolve as you receive more customer feedback?
  • Do you accept user criteria as a part of the user story?
  • When do you look for solutions to browser rendering issues?
  • How do you use front-end caching to speed up end-user experience?
  • When can you assume that the end-customer will read and take action based on your copy or platform prompts?

Get buy-in from stakeholders

Does your customer:

  • Experience reciprocity?
  • Feel excited by the content?
  • Feel persuaded by your site’s design to return to your site?
  • Feel that they have influence and creativity while engaging with the content?
  • Feel motivated, interested, or challenged by your brand?

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realise it themselves”

Steve Jobs Ex-CEO, Apple Inc.