User Experience Intelligence

Embed Human-Driven Insights in the Digital Transformation Journey

Discover actionable human-driven insights and close the Empathy Gap

All-in-one Human Driven Digital Experience Research Platform

The tools for all teams to empathize with the customers getting answers, insights and results in days, not weeks

Leverage the customer focused product and service decisions

Digital Customer empathy is no longer optional. Checkealos provides you the data to close the gap.

One Digital Experience Measurement

Turn qualitative into quantitative data and measure the impact and progress of the digital experiences

Customer insights at the center of the decision table

Define goals and tasks

Target Checkealos participant network and your audience

Accelerate your customer insights analysis

Combining Qual & Quant UX Research Methods

Understand, validate and measure what matters most with the powerful research methods to transform insights into action, and make decisions with confidence

Usability Testing

Quickly and effectively engage and empathize with your customers.


Drive growth and innovation by the people that matters to you. Go beyond collecting feedback.

Card Sorting

Build your app or website structure based on data, not on assumptions or guesswork.

Live Conversations

Schedule a call with your participants or Checkealos Participant Network, conduct the session where your customers are observed in real-time.

First Click Testing & Heat Maps

Ask participants where they would click to perform a task and make sure they only do one click, and that´s the right one.

The solutions for digital teams

Digital Experience Insight Platform

Product Team

Get to the hearts of your customers, build products your customers love.

Design & UX Team

Know how users interact with your digital product and fix UX issues during the product development.

Marketing Team

Make sure that all your campaigns are a success by listening to your customers.

Executive Team

Make a difference in your market with a great UX.