How Checkealos Works

Qualitative – Quantitative – UX Metrics

1. Test Plan

According to your objectives, you may need to analyze a live website, mobile app (live, TestFlight, Google Play), prototype (invision, Adobe XD, Figma, etc) from any device using advanced user experience testing techniques:

  • Unmoderated User Testing
  • Moderated User Testing
  • Surveys
  • Card Sorting
  • First Click Testing & Heat Maps Analysis
Tests Performed
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2. Define Goals and tasks

Define goals and ask people to perform tasks based on the critical user areas/cases of your digital Project. Observe. Validate. Refine.

Test any mobile experience from anywhere with any audience

Mobile prototypes
Unreleased and in-store apps
Web-based experiences
In-home testing, Voice devices, AR & VR experiences

3. Target Checkealos Network or your audience

Empathize with your audience using the device where your product or service will be tested using self-guided testing or live conversations.

Create profiles for your target audiences based on demographics, interests, devices filters, amplifying the segmentation with  screeners questions.

4. Human Driven Insights and Machine Learning

Capture video-based customer perspectives, with our technology captures several streams of data including video, audio, heat maps, clickstream data, analytics, visualizations, and intelligent insights as well as advanced tools for their subsequent analysis such as annotations, highlight reels, transcriptions.

5. Accelerate your customer insights analysis

Get insights with fast, accurate, and flexible features with visualization, metrics, transcriptions, highlights, structured data, and tag management.

Our researcher service offers you help in those peak times where your team demands fast, complete and high-quality actionable insights to make impactful decisions. This research team will review each experience to indicate patterns of the behavior of your audience, and create recommendations, and suggest improvements to be undertaken based on this analysis. 

Checkealos UX experts have extensive experience in product improvement through agile methodologies. They are situated throughout the United States, Europe, United Kingdom, Latin America and India.


Empower your organization with confidence to embed human insights into their business processes while ensuring privacy, security, and compliance. Checkealoas is purpose-built for the enterprise, so we ensure the toughest data security standards and place top priority on protecting your data.

Create highlight reels, download, export, and share in Jira, Rally, Trello.