Creating the best User Experience

We love users

Our Philosophy

We want to help businesses give their customer a first-class User Experience. At Checkealos, we aim to increase the success of any project or brand without having to use expensive labs or inefficient tools.

We provide a way to connect digital professionals with their target audience, breaking down the barrier between the business and their users, no matter how large the company may be.


We understand all of your needs.

UX Tests

Our online platform employs an agile UX methodology to analyze users engaging with your platform. We deliver customer insights within 7 days.


We recruit thousands of users for our panels, including individuals from Spain, LATAM, USA, UK, and India.


We deliver across to desktops, mobiles, and tablets.

Customer Support

Our highly talented team provides 24/7 service.

How we help

The Checkealos test employs specialized User Experience tools for different digital environments, allowing us to remotely observe and analyze users as they interact with various digital products, all while recording and filming the session. We have an extensive database of users with a specific focus on the markets of Spain, United Kingdom, United States, and LATAM. With this broad range of individuals to choose from, we can quickly and confidently find and select panel members who fit the exact profile of your target customers with guaranteed success.


With our diverse panel and remote testing, we can assess your clients’ interactions with both your platform and with those of your competitors at a 10th of the average costs of User Experience Research.

After analyzing the video and audio recording of our panel interacting with your website or app, we write an exhaustive report. This information includes insight on how to fulfill your users’expectations, how to boost your new customer acquisition numbers, and, in summation, how to increase conversations, sales, and KPIs, all while cutting down on time lost to client support efforts and digital development.


We observe and analyze every audio file, video recording, user profile and written feedback with a keen eye for important details. We ensure high-quality results that meet your needs and represent your target users 100% of the time.

Checkealos Participant Network

Checkealos counts on a community of participants from more than 70 countries, segmented and focused especially on the markets from USA, Europe, United Kingdom, Latin America, Australia, Canada, India.