Terms and Conditions for Testers

 Last updated 21 September 2021 


First Testers must be of legal age at least 18 years old to collaborate with checkealos.com. If you are under 18 registration is not permitted. Checkealos.com will not responsible for any misrepresentation of age and the resultant actions.

Second The tester would be requested to provide feedback on perform certain tasks like finding clothes online, adding to shopping basket etc. The audio and the mouse clicks would be recorded for analysis.

Third You must ensure that the audio and video recording are very good quality i.e. audible with clear comments answering all questions requested in the feedback session.

Fourth In general, the tester will be paid € 8 per feedback session, provided the feedback is of good quality and contains answers to all questions requested. The delivery completion time for each test will be 60 minutes and will not be extended. If not completed within 60 minutes the feedback is considered invalid and will be assigned to another tester. No payment will be received.

Fifth Price may be subject to change occasionally depending on the type of feedback carried out. Any change in payment amount will be clearly mentioned before accepting the feedback project.

Sixth The tester will not be paid for tests made ​​with poor quality feedback sessions which includes lack of clear audio or incomplete feedback session or not all tasks requested in the test being completed. Checkealos.com can deny payment based on other quality criteria at its discretion. In such cases, checkealos.com will not share those videos with clients and feedback would be archived.

Seventh Payment will be made only via PayPal and will be made on Friday of the third week after the testers have successfully submitted the feedback.

Eigth All personal information would be held securely on our servers and will not be shared with third parties.

Nineth The testers may not share, in any case, the information display, download or obtain through the test checkealos.com with third parties. All information created on the platform is owned by USER EXPERIENCE, SL, and confidential.

– The testers must delete and must ensure every content and information from any of their devices is deleted.

– The testers are not allowed to share any information received from Checkealos for the study purpose.

Tenth The testers are individually responsible for offensive content being recorded e.g offensive language, abusing clients, etc. Every video would be checked by checkealos.com. Testers would not be paid and removed from the system in this case.

Eleventh All information provided by the testers in the video, through their opinions, mouse movements, or screen changes, will be used by checkealos.com to improve the business of its customers.

Twelfth User Experience, SL is not responsible for any of the opinions shared by testers or testers on client platforms. In all cases, reviews are necessary to improve and to that end, platforms are held.

Legal Notice In compliance with Organic Law 15 /1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that the data you give us will be part of a file owned by USER EXPERIENCE, SL, which is duly registered in the General Register of the Spanish Data Protection Agency and will be treated confidentially in order to manage the commercial and trade relations between the parties.

Hereby, you consent to c to treat your personal data in order to manage the commercial and trade relations between the parties, including the delivery of advertisements.

Also, you assume that the normal course of their duties and responsibilities require access to certain personal data, media, resources, information systems, etc. . All information is proprietary of User Experience S.L. and is confidential. You cannot share it with others even if the company is liquidated.

You are responsible for the accuracy and veracity of the personal data that we deliver and communicate to USER EXPERIENCE SL any changes in them so that they respond exactly to your situation at all times. Meanwhile, USER EXPERIENCE, SL be responsible for the cancellation, dissociation, conservation, and communication in case such data is not required to manage commercial and trade relations between the parties.